Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How to Paint a Non Functioning Fireplace

Painting a fireplace place can be a daunting project. But if you have a free day on your hands and want to give your non functioning fireplace a face lift, go for it. There are only three easy steps to painting your fireplace!

1. The fireplace needs to be cleaned and free of any dirt and dust. You can do this using TSP and a good scrub brush. Be sure to keep either paper towels or rags handy to clean and dry the area as you go.
2. The next step is priming the exposed bricks. All bricks need to be dried and free of any leftover residue from cleaning. Apply two coats of either a latex or oil stain blocking primer with a good quality brush.

3. You will need to wait approximately 2 hours before applying the finished coat. The paint can either be an oil or latex interior paint. And again a good quality brush is the way to go when painting your non functioning fireplace.

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