Thursday, January 7, 2016

Benjamin Moore 2016 Paint Colors

It's all very exciting when each Fall Benjamin Moore announces their paint color selection for the up coming year. While some people love their choices and some do not, Benjamin Moore always puts a lot of effort in to selecting just the right colors.

Simply White OC-117 is their 2016 Color of the Year. Many were shocked at this choice. Accompanied with Simply White are 4 other whites while the remaining palette includes pastels and brights. It took me a few weeks to digest these colors since they are "all over the place" BUT they have grown on me and I really like them. I particularly like the addition of more whites. When putting together my most recent wallpaper and paint display it was quite easy to pull one of the whites to coordinate with the wallpaper. Also a lot of customers ask for a white alternative for their ceiling that isn't the bright white ceiling paint is.

All of the colors are available in pint sized samples for easy color testing.

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Benjamin Moore White Forecast for 2016 

Benjamin Moore Color Forecast for 2016