Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kitchen Color Combinations

The kitchen is a perfect room for expressing your personal style. Introducing color on the walls and with accents is a great approach as these can be changed affordably. You will be able to switch out your accents as trends and your taste change.
Regal Select is a fantastic paint for your kitchen. We recommend a pearl or semi gloss finish for areas that may need more cleaning.

Gray and Anything

Gray is gaining ground on white as the new go to neutral color for a modern kitchen. Create a sense of calm by using accents in a cool blue or soft green. For a vibrant kitchen introduce a bright bold color such as emerald green or hot pink.

Red and Yellow
If you would like to conjure the sense of a tuscan villa or a stately English manor, pair a deep red with a golden yellow. The kitchen will feel larger when yellow is used as the anchor and red within the accents.

Blue and Brown

This color combination is being used a lot in transitional homes. Using robin's egg blue and wheat will evoke a country kitchen. 
Orange and Green
According to Better Homes and Garden juicy citrus hues are the lastest in kitchen design. These bold tones are best suited with brown woodwork.