Monday, April 29, 2013

Tryesse Carpets

Looking for carpet that is stain resistant and soft? You can get the best of both worlds! Stop in and see the incredibly soft Tryesse carpet line in our Weymouth and Pembroke stores or the Finesse line in our Plymouth store.

Carpets made with Tryesse® fibre are incredibly soft, exceptionally durable and environmentally friendly. Tryesse® carpets stand up to your toughest stains with an unrivaled fade resistance even after years of use. All of our Tryesse® carpets feature Magic Fresh®, an odor reducing carpet treatment, that breaks down common household odors from pets, food and cigarette smoke.
  1. All carpets feature Magic Fresh® odor treatment
  2. All carpets use extremely soft and durable Tryesse® fibre
  3. Tryesse® fibre is stain and fade resistant
  4. Tryesse® carpets are environmentally-friendly
  5. Carpets with cut & loop, multi-level loop and cut pile texture

Atlantic City II

 King Lear II

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