Monday, July 15, 2013

Selecting Fabric - Things to Keep in Mind

Using fabric is an instant way of adding color and pattern to your decorating scheme. Fabric window treatments are most successful when coordinated with the other elements in the room. Here are a few things to think about when selecting your fabric.

Heavy materials: More suited for structured treatments. Gives the room a more warm and cozy feel.

Lighter materials: Work best in an informal setting in a style such as a tab top. The fabric creates a light and breezy look.

Large scale pattern: Best displayed in a flat treatment.

Small scale pattern: Use when material is gathered or folded.

When you are working with a particular color it is easy to pair solids with geometrics and floral prints. 

Green is considered a soothing color and works well in all designs, floral, geometric, check and leaf designs. Red and pink work well with green.

Neutral colors ranging from cream to beige have always been the staple color. Usually when the colors are light the fabric tends to have more texture and definition.

Blue and Yellow have always been very popular in our region. Not only do we sell a large number of blue wallpaper we also sell quite a bit of window valances with some hue of blue.

Red and Purple are very opulent and generally are used in more traditional designs. If you are aiming for a distinguished time period choose velvet, damask or satin.

If you would like help selecting fabric for your project, call or stop in to speak with one of our decorators.