Monday, January 27, 2014

Add Color to Your Room with Vibrant Color Wood Stain

The SamaN water-based interior wood stain colors are not limited to your ordinary stain colors.  Picture the colors of Turquoise, Raspberry, Lime, Azure and Violet on a piece of furniture!  Make the pop of color in your room a piece of furniture and you will really make a statement with your decor. 

The interior stain is available in our South Weymouth and Pembroke stores in both a Wood Finish and a Waterbased Varnish.  

The waterbased stain offers 36 premixed color possibilities. The SamaN odorless stain is perfect for use with woodworking and furniture and does not leave any overlapping marks.

The benefits of the waterbased stain are:
No conditioner needed
Only one coat needed
Exceptional coverage
Easy to use
Safe for user and environment

The wood finish stain is perfect for fine wood and is available in 18 premixed colors. The SamaN motto is SSV - easily seal, stain & varnish with the all in one product! The interior stain can be used on bare wood, stained or finished surfaces such as furniture, cabinets, moulding and doors.

The benefits of the stain are:
Dries fast
Low VOC product