Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adding Curb Appeal

Spring is here to stay, at least we hope it is! This is the perfect time to work on the front of your home and adding curb appeal. It is easier than you think. In this post you will find a few easy but helpful tips that will help with your homes curb appeal.

If you are looking for a great first impression add a pop of color to the front door. It can really make a statement. Hanging a wreath or some kind of door decoration makes the entry way that much more inviting. If you want to take it a step further you could repaint your shutters and downspouts. The new premium exterior paint from Benjamin Moore - Regal Select is a fantastic product to use on the front doors, shutters and downspots.

Simple taks such as cleaning the dirty spots on the front of the house and replacing old house numbers are quick fixes. Front walkways should be swept and clean of all weeds. Placing flowers around the mailbox is also a great addition.

Benjamin Moore has great color scheme ideas on how to increase your curb appeal. Click here to read more.