Thursday, May 23, 2013

Decorating for a Teen Girl

When it comes to decorating your teen girls bedroom it may not be the easiest task. The teenage mind is ever changing so when it comes to decorating you may want to think about decor that is not permanent such as peel and stick wall accents.

The Go Wild black and white animal prints are immensely popular especially the border. Decorating with black and white makes choosing a comforter and accessories much easier.

Dry erase message boards are great for homework and to do lists. This paisley design from WallPops is 13" x 17.75" and includes a dry-erase marker.

Wall Art can really pull a room together allowing you to tie all your colors together. The Delila Wall Art Kit creates a vibrant pop of color. This wall art kit contains 14 pieces on two 17.25" x 39" sheets and includes jewel embellishments.

This fun chandelier and picture frame wallpaper makes a great accent wall. The wallpaper pattern, from the Jelly Beans collection, is available in a few colors sure to make your decor.

A wall mural is also a way to go when decorating. Decorating with the Paris theme? This Eiffel Tower wall mural is perfect!