Monday, August 26, 2013

Ikat Wallpaper Designs

The Ikat design has remained popular over the last year in both wallcovering and fabric. And why not, it was once a symbol of power and wealth. The original Ikat designs usually had symbolic meaning representing religious beliefs. Upholstering a chair in an eye catching Ikat fabric can easily make that the focal point in the room. For a subtler look have custom made pillows made in an Ikat fabric.

Thibaut Design has many great Ikat wallcoverings and fabrics which make decorating a whole lot easier. As of late the most popular colorways seem to be the earth tones....gray and beige.

Island Ikat in Blue from the Avalon Collection.

Bravado Ikat in Smoke from the Neutral Resource Collection

Thai Ikat in Apple Green with Matching Fabric from the Jubliee Collection.

Thai Ikat in Yellow

Ikat Fabric in Aqua from the Fairfax Collection.

Bravado Ikat Fabric in Red from the Tea House Collection.

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