Monday, August 12, 2013

Introduce Yourself to Wallpaper

We are pleased to introduce our guest blogger Jacki Burke. She is a decorating consultant from our Plymouth store and has years of experience in both decorating, paint and wallpaper. 
Thank you Jacki for your great tips! 

I have created a list of fun and creative uses for wallpaper besides actually wallpapering your walls. These are simple ideas that will introduce you to using wallpaper. You just may love the warmth and charm that it brings that you will want to decorate your whole house! I have also included a few of my favorite wallcoverings with each project.



Idea #1

Wallpaper the faces of drawers with a fun pattern like Clarence Trail from Thibaut's Small Print Resource II. I can help you, along with one of our color professionals, pull out a paint color to paint the rest of the furniture.


Idea #2

Wallpaper the top or sides of a dresser or bed side table with Giada from Antonia Vella's Glitteratti II. The charcoal/gold colorway is gorgeous!

Idea #3

The back of a built in book shelf is always a great place to showcase a great wallcovering. A geometric wallpaper pattern like Lucian from Anna French's Lyric would look stunning in the back of a large floor to ceiling built in, as long as the space between the shelves is large enough to support the pattern.

Idea #4

For smaller spaces such as an entertainment center or a small book shelf try a grasscloth wallpaper such as Thibaut's Antilles Weave in Copper from Grasscloth Resource 2.

Or a basket weave such as Sachon Basket in color Navy from Thibaut's Menswear Resource Collection.

Idea #5

Frame out large panels of wallpaper on a wall. They can be any size depending on the scale of the wallcovering. The larger the scale the larger panel. I have selected a few patterns that I absolutely love, the wallpaper options are endless!

Sulu in Charcoal - Monterey

Downing Gate in Metallic Gold on Bark - Neutral Resource

Allison in Navy - Geometric Resource