Thursday, September 12, 2013

Paint a Sheet, Not Your Wall

Paint Appeal is a repositionable 8 1/2" x 11" paintable sheet. This new product is user friendly and makes choosing a paint color so much easier. To watch a video on how the Paint Appeal sheets can be used click here.

Here are the benefits of using Paint Appeal:

· Hands free viewing.
· Re-positionable – move wall to wall – room to room.
· Pliable – wraps around corners, into corners & around moldings.
· See multiple sample colors on walls/doors/moldings/ceilings without painting your surface and making a mess.
· Compare colors in different lighting to see your true color in actual position.
· Leaves no residue on applied surface.
· Section on back of sheet for your records: record – paint color & number, date, store.
· After paint appeals to you, peel painted sheets off and place on paper to coordinate fabrics, carpets, drapes and more.
· Using Paint Appeal instead of paint chip samples is a better way of choosing a color because paint chip samples are printed simulations of what the real paint looks like.
· Paint Appeal is accurate- your color choice in the actual paint!

Stop in to any of our three stores to pick up a sample sheet.