Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thibaut Texture Resource Volume 4

If you have a high traffic home and still want a stylish wallcovering, Thibaut's latest collection Texture Resource Volume 4, is durable enough to withstand high traffic areas like hallways, bathrooms, and kid rooms. The wallpaper is resistant to stains of many types, these wallpapers can be scrubbed with most household cleaning products. The vinyl wallpapers range from light greys and neutrals to dark earth tones and of course pops of color and metallics.

Stop in to any of our three stores to look through the newest collection from Thibaut. If you are short on time visit Thibaut.com to look at the newest textures.

Bankun - Damask Texture Wallpaper
Available in 5 Color Schemes

Bal Harbour - Metallic Geometric Wallpaper  
Available in 5 Color Schemes  






Eastwood - Faux Wood Wallpaper
Available in 4 Color Schemes